Things To Do in Stilbaai


Angling in Stilbaai must be one of the greatest attractions for any visitor. The harbour lends itself to the safe launching of boats and if you're a keen rock and surf angler you will not be disappointed.

Angling Club - T: 028 754 1173


Browse the many interesting antique stores you'll find dotted around Stilbaai.  You're sure to find a treasure to bring back home.

  • Baie Bargains -  Main Street, Stilbaai (West)
    T: 028 - 754 3560
    M: 082 456 3377
  • Cape and Country Antiques - Riverside, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 2715
    M: 082 372 6708
  • Gister Se Goeters - Fynbos Centre, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 2914


Stilbaai and surrounds have a rich archaeological heritage which includes the following:

  • Blombos Cave near Jongensfontein well known for its archeological discoveries made there in 1991 by Chris Henshilwood.  It is said that a group of ancient people lived there dating back to more than 75 000 years ago.
  • Ancient Shell Middens along the coastline with an outstanding example just east of the Stilbaai harbour.
  • Ancient San Rock Paintings can be found throughout the region.

Art Route

There are more than 30 artists participating in the very popular art route in Stilbaai.  Each artist exhibits their work from their home studio and are numbered on the route.

Click here for a complete list of artists and their contact details 


Bird Watching

Stilbaai is a birders paradise with so many nature reserves and natural fynbos to attract the many species.

  1. See a comprehensive and updated list of birds sighted in Stilbaai here
  2. Garden Route Birding

Bowls Club

T: 082 923 5976


This is a "must see" when visiting Stilbaai.  Each day at 11H00 you can view the tame eels being hand fed at the Stilbaai Tourism Bureau.  The informative guide will give you the entire background to these fascinating shy creatures who come out of hiding to feed from her hand.

Fish Traps

The fish traps have been in existence for thousands of years and are a valuable part of Stilbaai's heritage. It is believed that the fish traps in Stilbaai were built by the Khoi more than 3000 years ago and passed down from father to son over generations. 


  • Allegaartjie - 7 Voortrekker Street, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 3299
  • Die Withuis - Olyven Houdt Farm, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 1370
  • Gisters Se Goeters - Fynbos Centre, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 2914
  • Hedgehog Corner - Knijpers Kreatief, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 1075
  • Isabelina - Main Rd, Stilbaai (West)
    T: 079 163 3728 
  • Knijpers Kreatief - Indraf Centre, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 1075
  • Mamma Mia Kuns & Kontrei Winkel - Fynbos Centre, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 3335
  • Match Box - Main Road, Stilbaai (West)
    T: 028 754 1445
  • Smart Art - Duine Mall, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 1187
  • Verandah - Voortrekker Rd, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 3562
  • Werda Crafts and Decor - Industrial Area, Stilbaai
    T: 028 754 3501


Stilbaai sports one of the golf courses in South Africa with the most incredible views.  A none hole course with 17 tees.  Definately worth a game.  The club house is often used for special functions, weddings and conferences.

Kite Surfing

Museum (Blombos Museum of Archaeology)

Stilbaai Tourism Bureau
De Jager Farmstead
Mon-Fri: 8:30-17:00
Sat: 8:30-12:30
Dec Sun: 8;30-12
Pub Hols: 8:30-12:00
Tel: 028 754 2602

Nature Reserves

Geelkrans Nature Reserve (3 hour hike)

Permits are available at the entrance to the reserve. This is a fairly challenging trail which loops towards the east and returns via the coast. Ensure that you are adequately kitted with good hiking shoes, sunscreen and sufficient hydration.

Contact: Stilbaai Tourism
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
T: 028 754 2602

Klipfontein Nature Reserve

This is a private nature reserve with excellent hiking opportunities located approximately 20 km up the Goukou river.

Contact: Dr Janet Naude
T: 028 754 1106
M: 072 448 0604

Pauline Bohnen Nature Reserve (1 hour to full day hikes)

Excellent reserve for birders with ample bird watching opportunities. An abundance of fynbos and brilliant photographic opportunities.  On a good day you may be lucky enough to spot bushbuck, grysbok, otters  and mongoose.

Go prepared with good hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat and sufficient hydration.

Contact: Stilbaai Tourism
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
T: 028 754 2602

Skulpiesbaai Nature Reserve (2 km - 6 km)

One requires a reasonable level of fitness for this trail albeit that this trail covers the entire reserve and can be started from the whale watching point near the harbour or the parking areas at Morris Point or near the fish traps.  You will cover the amazing mild wood tree forest on this trail and on a good day will encounter bushbuck, grysbok, otters and mongoose.  A birders paradise for sure so bring along your binoculars.

Contact: Stilbaai Tourism
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
T: 028 754 2602

Tuin Op Die Brak

An incredible initiative where residents of Stilbaai have taken an open tract of land along the river and created a park where they've planted well over 100 endangered indigenous fynbos.  The project is progressing extremely well and a visit to the park should not be missed.

More on "Tuin Op Die Brak"



Whale watching

June to October is an excellent time for whale watching as these gentle giants come close into the bay to calve.



Adagio Self Catering Apartments is situated just 150 metres from the beach

GPS co-ordinates:
S 34° 22.867 - S 34° 22' 52"
E 21° 25.433 - E 21° 25' 15"
Adagio Self Catering Apartments
12 Perlemoen Avenue
Stilbaai West
M: 083 962 0895
T: 028 754 1458
F: 086 520 3944